Who's Wardrobe Mistakes?

My Wardrobe Mistakes was created to give a second life to all the beautiful pieces that I’ve bought and cherished but have never seen the light of day.

Over time I've discovered I'm not alone in owning such items. MWM is fortunate to sell a collection of new and pre-owned, 100% authentic, Designer items that we love.

MWM is a new destination and shopping experience. It wouldn't exist if it weren't for the shoe-lovers who believed the half size out will fit their feet because they’re on sale. For all the clothes that have been bad buy's at Sample Sales (because we get a lil overexcited), for the single-wear Runway pieces keen to be shown off at dinner parties and the gifts from loved-ones we’re too afraid to return.

Not only can you find luxury consignments here, you can shop them too, with tems ranging from (but not limited to):

  • Rare & Vintage Bags
  • Key Season Items
  • Those shoes you saw on the Tube
  • Or that dress you’ve been searching for since forever!

My Wardrobe Mistakes ~ Made for You