The MWM Story

My Wardrobe Mistakes is a unique collection of new and second-hand luxury designer clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, curated by friends from London, Paris and Milan. We want to give a second chance to all the beautiful pieces we’ve bought and cherished but never wear.

Originally curated amongst our friends between London, Paris and Milan, we strive to give a second life to all the beautiful pieces that we’ve bought and cherished but never wear.

Out Of The Closet

My Wardrobe Mistakes was created for all the fashion-show-frequenters who fall in love with runway pieces they’ll only wear once… for the shoe-lovers who believe the wrong size will magically fit because the shoes are in the sale… for the guests who get swept up in the moment at private sales… for the shopaholics who never quite find time to return the items they meant to take back. One girl’s mistakes become another’s good fortune. Rather than allowing all these first-and-half-pieces to be discarded or languish unused, we recycle them by uniting them with new owners.

We offer pre-loved products a second chance, but we are offering you a unique one-shot opportunity. We have no stock – just beautiful one-off items. Let's rescue all these amazing pieces lost in the wardrobes!
Ok, but why should I use MWM to sell my pieces, rather than any of the online sales giants?

Endless photos and descriptions to bump to the top, unwanted selling fees, another roll of tape, not to mention all those queues at the post office in your lunch break!

Honestly, who really has the time or patience for this anymore?

We remove the hassle for you

By manually selecting and researching the items and cleverly showcasing them, we are able to sell some of the most distinctive and sought-after pieces of new and pre-owned 100% authentic designer wear. Due to the quality of our products and the careful crafting behind our presentation, our site enables you to find the rare vintage bags, key season items and that dress you’ve been searching for since, like, forever!

From one fashion lover to another

We are human after all. We’re not perfect and we all make mistakes, from our terrible selfies to our impulsive shopping accidents. Sometimes retail therapy has the opposite effect, leaving us with the headache of a wrong size or ill-suited style. Now, you can finally share those gems that have been gathering dust, or snap up something special you thought you’d never find!

The grass is just as green on both sides of the fence

Whether selling or buying, our aim is to make My Wardrobe Mistakes a stress-free, enjoyable way of trading for everyone. We hope you find what you’re looking for here.

  • All our pieces have been authenticated, so you will never get a nasty surprise once you open your beautifully wrapped product (with minimal packaging, and no wasted paper, for the sake of the environment);
  • We always offer detailed images so you can see exactly what you’re buying, and as we have the items in our office, we can immediately send extra pictures or provide more information on request. Just get in touch.

If there’s something in particular you’re after, check out our Private Detective service or for any additional questions write to our Customer Happiness Team.

You can read more about us in our Press section here👩‍🏫

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